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Honey Tots programs features wide variety of fun activities — including singing, dancing, arts and crafts, storytelling, free play, and both indoor and outdoor games and projects — designed to teach children different skills. Children also learn academic basics such as counting and the alphabet.

To be a globally recognized educational institution that empowers kids to fly high by providing the safe, caring and fun filled learning environment that young children have at home.

We have designed classroom environment where young children can safely explore and learn with creativity, curiosity, and love for nature.

Our space is intelligently designed with interactive interiors with harmonious color schemes. Safe And Secured Transport Facility.
Our activities are based on creative and cognitive play. Exercises & Meditation for Physical Fitness.

We have toys for constructive and imaginative play, large and fine motor skill development, including special equipment for infants and toddlers.

LKG Class

The LKG class is for children who are three and half and above years for the current school year. Typically today's three and half year olds are familiar with the phrase "going to school" and associate it with something they will be doing and which is enjoyable. These children are now learning to trust that parents, teachers, and other people will take good care of them which opens up a whole social world for them. They now can express themselves in words and ideas. They begin building relationships and practice the skills for making and keeping a friend(s). While they are still quite egocentric, they enjoy friends and want to be part of a group. The children grow in their ability to learn and show enthusiasm regarding the learning process itself.

Teachers Care & Help LKG Children To:

  • Learn values and practice pro-social behaviors accepted by society.
  • Develop a level of confidence and competency in themselves.
  • Learn to solve problem & improve understanding ability.
  • Start to think logically and symbolically.
  • Continue to develop their large and small motor abilities.
  • Use all of their senses to understand their world as they sort and classifying the information around them.
  • Enjoy books, music, and conversation.
  • Have fun with other children and teachers as they learn through play.


Being a parent is the best feeling in the world for anybody. But with the feeling of love and care of being a parent comes the responsibility of the right upbringing of a child.

Play & Park Structures creates an environment that encourages learning by providing outdoor curriculum to enhance classroom learning.

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