Education plays a major role in your child's life. Preschool is the first concrete step towards making your child acquire knowledge and become a better citizen. Preschool education is suitable for a child who is above two years and less than 5 years in age. A preschool holds as much importance in your child's life as any regular school. Children in preschools are provided necessary tools to develop on social, educational, intellectual and emotional levels.

Preschool curriculum is designed in such a way that child feels encouraged to grasp the learning fundamentals in a fun environment. The preschool period is believed to the most important phase for children. This is the phase, when child gets to learn a lot. Good preschool education is instrumental in building a successful future for the child. The first eight years in the life of an individual is referred as early childhood. This phase determines the future of a child not just in terms of his education but also his, abilities, personality, individuality and success. If a child lacks education in his first eight years, it can spell doom for his future. It is very important to provide a child proper early childhood education so that he can be developed properly. The mental, emotional, social and educational growth of a child is determined by his educational experiences and relationships received and built during his first eight years. Quality early childhood education programs can help his brain to develop in healthy ways whereas if he has been deprived of good education then his growth is also hampered.

Early childhood education focuses on learning through play. In this phase, a child is not capable enough to absorb heavy theoretical subjects. But if fun activities, educational games etc have been incorporated in his basic education, child develops better learning power and education. it is important for parents to send their children to preschools and kindergartens. This will prove crucial in child's intellectual, emotional and social development.

Right approach can help children to gain a sense of self and learn to associate themselves with the people around them. As most of the parents prefer to take their children to early childhood educational activities, factors like a kindergarten classroom environment can prove immensely useful in developing an understanding and behavior of the children. With the help of learning games, child will be able to develop different skills, values and ethics. Early childhood education is definitely the key element that helps in building a good foundation for child's educational success. It is the duty of the parents to ensure quality childhood education for their children.

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