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Honey Tots programs features wide variety of fun activities — including singing, dancing, arts and crafts, storytelling, free play, and both indoor and outdoor games and projects — designed to teach children different skills. Children also learn academic basics such as counting and the alphabet.

To be a globally recognized educational institution that empowers kids to fly high by providing the safe, caring and fun filled learning environment that young children have at home.

We have designed classroom environment where young children can safely explore and learn with creativity, curiosity, and love for nature.

Our space is intelligently designed with interactive interiors with harmonious color schemes. Safe And Secured Transport Facility.
Our activities are based on creative and cognitive play. Exercises & Meditation for Physical Fitness.

We have toys for constructive and imaginative play, large and fine motor skill development, including special equipment for infants and toddlers.

UKG Class

The UKG class is for children who are four and a half and above years old for the current school year. Typically four year olds are eager to learn, socialize, and be independent. They are fairly obedient, proud to go school, and love to explore and expand their ideas about the world. They are increasingly able to control their bodies and their emotions. Four year olds can be very observant and they frequently try to imitate adult behaviors. They approach the world with great curiosity use their imaginations to understand it. Sometimes they have trouble separating reality from fantasy. Four year olds thrive in environments rich with new experiences, opportunities for expanded language acquisition, opportunities for numerous social experiences, and people who accept them as being competent and enjoyable.

Teachers Care Teach & Help UKG Children To:

  • Be self-sufficient and become increasingly independent.
  • Expand their attention span.
  • Play cooperatively with a group of other children.
  • Understand their emotions and increase self-control.
  • Interpret facial expressions and understand social clues.
  • Identify the boundaries between truth and fiction.
  • Grow significantly in their communication skills.
  • Extend oral language skills to reading and writing.
  • Think in more complex ways, relating information to their expanding base of knowledge.
  • Enjoy literature in many different forms and develop pre-reading skills.
  • Grow in both large and small motor skills with increased emphasis on the small motor development.
  • Have fun with other children and teachers as they learn through play.


Being a parent is the best feeling in the world for anybody. But with the feeling of love and care of being a parent comes the responsibility of the right upbringing of a child.

Play & Park Structures creates an environment that encourages learning by providing outdoor curriculum to enhance classroom learning.

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